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Smiths Against COVID-19

COVID-19 now has affected a large part of the world population. The problems in India are bigger, of which - migrant workers losing their source of livelihood and returning to their villages and unavailability of hygiene facilities and PPEs to front line workers are a major problem.

Smiths Group has joined hands with GiveIndia to help this vulnerable population in their fight against COVID-19.

Your donations will help

  • Migrant workers and daily wagers with dry rations
  • Front line health workers with PPE kits.
  • We urge each one of you to take this opportunity to do your bit to fight Coronavirus on the behalf of the most vulnerable and donate generously towards this cause.


    GiveIndia's trusted NGO partners identifies the beneficiaries

    Funds are disbursed through our trusted nonprofit partners who will adhere to GiveIndia’s due-diligence framework

    GiveIndia will receive regular updates of disbursement and they will carry out verification processes whenever feasible

    GiveIndia charges 0% for all COVID-19 fundraisers, 100% of your donation is forwarded towards relief efforts.


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    500 families still need support

    The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to prevent it. Let’s come together and help India fight Coronavirus.

    500 families still need support

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